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Celebrities Crash All The Time Too

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 09:00 PM PST

Aye riders, what's good? This is Studdly bringing you a video clip on celebrity Keanu Reeves describing his injuries in one of the many motorcycle accidents he's had with his Norton Commando. For all you ladies and gents out there that thought he was the perfect male specimen, know that he has a fake tooth and a plate in his neck. Give the BBC clip a peek for more details.

Youch! I can't believe the guy had the nerve to ask him for his autograph! No, I can't believe Keanu uses a Norton Commando for his main transportation! Actually, I can't believe Keanu rides period!

I think it would have been a lot cooler or at least worth telling the story if he would have shown us his scars. Oh well. Looks like Neo isn’t invincible after all…

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