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Chevrolet Colorado

Posted: 10 Mar 2011 10:37 AM PST

First official image of the Chevrolet Colorado. The photo was circulated by the same Chevrolet. The compact pick-up will be presented at the 2011 Bangkok Motor Show, car show scheduled from March 25 to April 5. This new car anticipates the next generation of Colorado, who take inspiration from Chevrolet for this type of vehicle and tradition of vans and pickups that were produced by American automaker.

The world premiere is scheduled in Thailand is not random, but in this country because the pickups are very popular in the automotive market, which is becoming important for Chevrolet. In 2010, in fact, 43% of registered vehicles in Thailand were the pickups. The new Colorado will be on sale in the country during 2011 and will be progressively introduced in other markets, but has not yet been announced exactly when that will happen. The current Colorado never arrived in Italy. This model should be more technology than ever before. The price has not yet been formalized, such as information relating to technical data, engine and features included.

Pick-ups are very popular in the markets of Southeast Asia, Australia and the United States and much less in Europe. By the time we have evolved not only of the remaining work vehicles, but offering comfort and safety features like those of most SUVs. The new Chevrolet Colorado should have two-wheel drive or four wheel drive and single or double cabin. The Chevrolet will launch after the reactions of the public to decide whether to import even in the old continent.

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