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Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale Alcantara

Posted: 12 Mar 2011 02:43 AM PST

Maserati GranTurismo MC Road chose Alcantara for the interior of your car. This is because the grip sports, style and versatility of Alcantara make it the ideal partner for the interior of the car sportier in the Maserati range. Alcantara is able to transform, through the luxury and exclusivity of a unique material to drive a car into a pleasure. Especially when it comes to a car like the GranTurismo MC Road. Alcantara has worked closely with the car manufacturer to implement this model for a solution tailor-made ??with high technology content and style.

The sports car is enhanced by the use that was made of Alcantara in the seats, steering wheel and gear up. The headliner is made ??of this material, in addition to the dashboard and door trim. The interiors in Alcantara are not only aesthetically refined but allow a reduction in weight that is super important in a car that still needs to achieve agility performance. The automotive industry, which requires high quality standards, Alcantara choose for their most exclusive models.

None of the material is so versatile in adapting to the interior fittings such as sporting luxury. Alcantara has been established now as a material par excellence, capable of providing quality interior. The standard of performance and endurance make it suitable for intensive use, not to mention also the elegance and comfort. This fact is breathable, durable, soft to the touch, durable and washable to light: all elements in the material characteristics that transform a cabin in a very comfortable and able to offer exclusive trips and great comfort.

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