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Need for Speed? A Reminder to All

Posted: 11 Mar 2011 09:00 PM PST

What's good riders? It's always good to watch a motorcycle crash to put everything in prospective of what you can, and cannot do when riding a motorcycle. The video below shows the aftermath of a guy who not only obliterated his motorcycle, but nearly wiped himself off the face of this earth. View below for a disturbing reminder on motorcycle safety.

These types of crashes although unfortunate and terrible to view, act as a teaching tool to the rest of us who would like to stay alive to ride another day. And remember, there is no amount of gear that makes up for stupidity. Use your best judgment out there and ride well within your limits on the streets. You are made of flesh, blood and bones and when pent up against road and steel, you are no match. Repeat this to yourself every time you hop the saddle to increase your chances of survival. Aight, this is Studdly signing off folks.

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